Classic Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3 liter tin

Il Bottaccio


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Light fruity blend, obtained from mature olives expertly harvested in the right period, an extra virgin olive oil that releases balanced scents and aromas.
The color changes from yellow with green reflections, which is light, harmonious and balanced, with hints of ripe olives.
Due to its characteristics it is ideal for dressing mixed salads and seasonal vegetables, or to be used for pinzimoni with artichokes and vegetables
Also excellent to accompany chickpea or legume soups.

  • Production area: Venturina Terme, Monterotondo Marittimo
  • Olive groves: Olive trees of different ages in a mainly flat area
  • Appearance: Yellow with green reflections
  • Smell: Light with hints of ripe olives
  • Palate: Harmonious and balanced, characterized by pleasant notes of ripe olives
  • Pairings: Ideal for dressing vegetable salads, for dips with artichokes and vegetables, chickpea soups