Classic Artisan Panettone 750gr.

Panificio Fantuzzi


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Born from the craftsmanship and passion of the Fantuzzi Bakery, Traditional Panettone is the quintessential leavened product of the Italian tradition. It is a leavened dessert enriched with raisins and tasty candied orange. The naturally leavened dough with MOTHER YEAST gives the product its characteristic softness and a delicate and light taste, ideal at any time of the day.

With this panettone, Davide Fantuzzi won first place twice and third place once at the "Bakery 3.0" event in Milan, where the best leavened artisans challenge each other to conquer the title of: best artisan panettone for the oven . Davide fantuzzi also qualified in 6th place at the Lugano event for the world cup of the best artisan panettone.