Who we are

The passion for food is long-standing, but it consolidates when, thanks to a job opportunity, Luca Fanni moves to America and becomes business partner of an Italian gourmet food shop and at the same time Chef in the annexed restaurant.
The products are chosen meticulously, knowing the producers directly in their companies or on the occasion of sector fairs in Italy. Thus a close collaboration was born which also led to the birth of an import company which in a short time managed to become a distributor for gourmet shops and Italian restaurants in Pennsylvania and in the large cities of the East coast.
Luca decides to bring his experience back to Italy with NOSTRALE, a company that maintains relationships of trust with "historic" producers and places itself on the national and international market with the aim of researching, getting to know and promoting companies that offer typical Italian quality products superior.
To our customers, HO.RE.CA. and gourmet shops, we offer uniqueness and experience. Our know-how allows us to offer a customer oriented service and we do it by analyzing the needs and requests of each customer, thus ensuring a personalized and tailor-made service.