Carnaroli Rice Aged 12-18 months 1Kg.

Distretto Riso e Rane


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Carnaroli rice Gran Riserva 12 – 18 months is a rice that is aged from the time of harvesting until it is processed for a minimum period of 12 months, up to a maximum of 18 months.

This long rest allows the rice grains to acquire a unique flavor and greater resistance to cooking, making it unsurpassed and thus further enhancing one of the characteristics that make the Carnaroli variety the best variety in the world for cooking risotto.

Carnaroli Rice Gran Riserva 12 – 18 months is an absolute quality rice with the DNA certification of pure Carnaroli, obtained from the best selections of Carnaroli Rice, grown by the farms of the “Riso e Rane” District according to a unique and innovative process.

The production of seeds by the farms of the "Riso e Rane" District to guarantee the territorial identity and complete traceability of the Carnaroli Gran Riserva 12 - 18 month rice, the choice of the best land, the adoption of agronomic practices with low environmental impact , harvesting at the right degree of ripeness together with traditional processing and grain selection techniques, but at the forefront of the most recent technologies, make Carnaroli Rice Gran Riserva 12 – 18 months a true Italian excellence.