Macaroni 500gr.

Pasta di Canossa


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The Maccheroni di Pasta di Canossa is produced with 100% Italian semi-wholemeal durum wheat semolina: the wheat is grown and processed in the pasta factory of Tenuta Cuniola di San Martino, in Ferrara. The best wheat is selected, grown and processed, the production is made at km 0, the result is a high quality pasta. Pasta di Canossa is a rough and porous artisanal pasta, with a consistency that holds perfectly when cooked, of a light ocher colour, characteristics of bronze drawing and slow drying (14-20 hours). The particular grooves and the design of the format ensure that the pasta absorbs the sauce perfectly. Maccheroni are a pasta format much loved by Italians, with a unique porosity and consistency and possess the ability to hold large sauces very well, such as the ragù of the Emilian tradition.